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3 Psalms to Turn to When You Feel Afraid.
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I was with my youngest daughter last week when I heard the news of the shooting in Texas. Both Keri and I were heartbroken. The situation felt so dark. Since then I’ve heard from several who are struggling with fear. … Read More

3 Keys to Unlock a Heart of Thanksgiving
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Starbucks has the Thanksgiving blend out! Oh, don’t you just love it? The blend, yes, but mostly the holiday! I love Thanksgiving. There is nothing quite like the practice of giving thanks, praising God, and celebrating life’s good gifts. As … Read More

4 Questions to Help You Take Your Stress Temperature
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You know those moments… you get a critical email and you fire off a response and hit send. Or the car in front of you doesn’t go immediately when the light turns green and you lay on the horn. Maybe … Read More

5 Choices To Cultivate Contentment
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Have you ever noticed that people who are content with life have a contagious positivity? They seem to have an undercurrent of peace running through their souls and a deep well of joy. What’s their secret? I believe contentment begins … Read More

Big News About Beyond Beautiful!
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Did you know that I’ve recently launched a podcast for women called Beyond Beautiful? In case you’ve missed it, let me explain! Beyond Beautiful is a podcast inspiring a global movement of women who dare to dream and who reach … Read More

3 Lies You Need to Renounce in Order To Embrace the Truth About Your Identity
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I’ve noticed that when life hurts, one of the temptations we face is to believe lies rather than truth. Satan doesn’t want us to believe that we are holy and dearly loved (Colossians 3:12). He doesn’t want us to believe … Read More

Creating Space To Dream
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We live in a noisy world. My world, like yours, is filled with people I love, people I care about and minister to, and responsibilities and obligations. In the middle of all that, it can feel difficult to hear my … Read More

When You Feel Overwhelmed or Fearful – Hold a Self-Management Meeting.
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 I learned a long time ago the value of a good self-management meeting, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed or fearful. The only attendee (other than God) at my self-management meeting is me! In our times, there are lots of reasons … Read More

Treasure Your Friends by Asking Them Great Questions
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The other day I was sitting on the back deck with my daughter Keri talking about friendship. Keri is an amazing friend to others, so it’s no surprise that she has many friends. One of the qualities that I most … Read More