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Recipe for Accepting Your Child
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The persistent questions that trouble every mother are, “How do I measure up to other mothers, and how do my kids measure up to other kids?”   I polled over fifty women to ask them where they felt the most … Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Paralyzed
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  Have you ever looked at a project and felt paralyzed? Where do you start? How do you get moving? I sure have. Paralysis feels discouraging! Because I have felt that very feeling many times, I decided to think through … Read More

Teaching Your Kids to Wait
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We all agree. Waiting is the worst. We’re impatient by nature. If there are more than twelve people in line at Starbucks, we leave; if we get stuck behind a slow car, we flash our lights; if we’re put on … Read More

Take a Personal Retreat and Dream!
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I often take a personal retreat and encourage others to do the same. We live in a noisy world. My world, like yours, is filled with people I love, people I care about and minister to, responsibilities and obligations. In … Read More

Letting go and Launching Your Child
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I remember sending my first born off to kindergarten and the anxiety I felt as a parent. She felt scared, I felt anxious. She walked in cautiously, I cried all the way home. Years later, my husband and I drove … Read More

How to have a “fool proof” week
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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said something stupid and then felt foolish after. How about you?   This morning, I was reading Proverbs 10.The Holy Spirit used the words of this little Proverb to cut through my … Read More

Beyond School Supplies – What Needs to be in Your Child’s Backpack
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  School is right around the corner. I’ve seen lots of parents, lists in hand, browsing Target purchasing school supplies. It feels like the lists get longer every year, doesn’t it? Those school supplies, while they’re important, aren’t nearly as … Read More

A Simple Way to Have a Happy Week
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One of the easiest ways to have a happy week might surprise you. Often we think that happiness means gaining what we don’t have. We tell ourselves, “As soon as I find love, get a job, buy a house, or … Read More

Raising Your Kids to Have GREAT People Skills
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Your kids need to have great people skills as they grow up and enter real life. Those with great people skills land jobs, lead organizations, enjoy friendships and are more effective at influencing others for Christ.   One way to … Read More