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Five Great Books To Cultivate Your Kid’s Faith
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  I have always been a lover of books. I write books but more importantly, I love reading books. When we were raising our kids I was always on the look out for books that would cultivate and challenge their … Read More

The Power of Blessing Your Kids
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When my kids were growing up, I found myself constantly correcting. Instruction seemed to flow out of my mouth in an endless stream: “Pick up your clothes, make your bed, do your homework, chew with your mouth closed, brush your … Read More

Why I Mark Up My Bible
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Way back when I was a teenager, I started marking up my Bible whenever I read it. I’m not sure anyone taught me to do this I just found it helpful. I used different color highlighters, and pens, to highlight, … Read More

When You Don’t Know How to Pray For Your Kids
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  As parents, we know the greatest gift we can give our kids is to pray for them. But, sometimes the circumstances feel so intense we’re at a loss to know how to pray for them. In my own parenting … Read More

12 Innovative Ways to Praise God in the Midst of Your Crazy Life!
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Life get’s a little crazy doesn’t it? So how in the world do you fit praising God in an already packed schedule? Here are a few ideas for you:  Use Your Car Time as Praise Time. Whether you’re driving kids … Read More

Building the Culture of Your Home With 3 H’s
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Every family has it’s own culture. Some family’s are calm, others are hyper. Some families are organized and collected others are frantic and frazzled. Today, I have 3 H’s for you to build the culture of your home.   Honor … Read More

A Lesson From Elijah
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I hate feeling dependent on others. Don’t you? I’m learning lots about this here in Costa Rica with a broken ankle. I’ve had to depend on Steve for a lot! But, maybe my independent spirit gets in the way of … Read More

5 Great Prayers You Can Pray For Your Kids
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  Praying God’s Word is one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids, whether they’re toddlers, teens or adults. I’ve seen extraordinary changes in my kids’ lives as I’ve faithfully claimed scripture over them.  No matter how old … Read More

Lessons I Learned From A House That Wouldn’t Sell
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   Recently, I posted on Facebook that we finally sold a house we had been trying to sell for seven years.   For those who don’t know the story, we bought the home near Colorado Springs, when we first moved to … Read More