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3 Ways to Gently Shut Down Gossip
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We’ve all be there. You’re in a Starbucks enjoying your latte with a friend. Without warning, the conversation shifts towards a mutual friend and shades that friend in a negative light. Relational wisdom from Proverbs teaches, “Whoever utters slander is … Read More

How Knowing You’re Deeply Loved Changes The Way You Listen
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This week I was visiting my son and daughter-in-law in their new home. Hanging on the wall was a picture with these words painted in beautiful calligraphy: “Loved beyond measure.” What a great reminder! You are loved beyond measure!   … Read More

3 Ways to Raise Your Self-Awareness This Week
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There’s a lot of confusion revolving around self-awareness. Some of you are wondering as you read this, “Where in the world is Becky going with this blog post?” Hang with me.   To be self-aware simply means you are aware … Read More

3 Ways to Savor the Moment
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Over the past month, I’ve had a lot of time with our precious kids and grandkids. I’ve had the privilege of watching little ones dig in the sand, play in the mud, jump in the ocean, and celebrate birthdays. I’ve … Read More

Why Listening to Someone’s Story is Important.
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  As I write this post, I’m in Florida enjoying my new little grandbaby, Kinley Joanna! Oh my – she’s beyond precious! As I’ve been rocking Kinley or helping with her older brother, Noah, I’ve overheard conversations between my youngest … Read More

What Type of Culture Are You Creating in Your Family?
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  I just left my five-year-old granddaughter’s birthday party and am now sitting in an airport as I write this blog. During Selah’s party, her friends and family affirmed her.   Her brother said she was “sweet, fun, and precious.” Her … Read More

How to Listen So Your Adult Kids Will Talk.
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Last week, I wrote my blog on “How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk,” which focused primarily on kids who are still at home. Once your kids become adults, the rules for listening well change. I thought today I’d … Read More

How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk
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 When I was in the thick of raising kids I had a profound question enter my mind. I remember wondering, “How do I want this all to turn out?” In many ways it was a startling question. To this day … Read More

Three Reasons to Take a Vacation This Summer
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As I write this, I’m packing because Steve and I are leaving for vacation early tomorrow morning. Ah, there’s nothing quite like vacation! This year, we’ll have three of our four kids and their families with us. Eight of our … Read More