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Could Your Child's Weakness Draw Him to Jesus?
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My daughter, Stefanie, wrote this blog post for me. It illustrates a powerful point. The very thing that frustrates you about your child might be the very thing that will draw him to Jesus. Here’s Stef’s post: The screaming lasted … Read More

5 Great Verses For Your Kids to Memorize
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Recently, I was asked what verses I recommend children memorize. What a great question! I figured since there are likely other moms out there wondering about the same thing, I would answer that question in a blog post.   Here are … Read More

But, That's Not Fair!
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“But, that’s not fair!” wailed my little grandson. In my heart, I thought, I feel ya! If we’re honest, we’ve all had moments when we’ve cried out, “Lord, that’s not fair!”  In our humanity, we long for life to be fair. … Read More

Passing Your Faith On To Your Kids
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“So the next generation would know them, even children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds.” Psalm 78:6-7 Often I am … Read More

Tips for those who are waiting
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Waiting is the worst. It stirs up questions deep in our souls, “Is God listening?” “Has He forgotten?” “Is He mad at me?” “Am I not praying hard enough?” God answers with a sentence, “I choose the appointed time” (Ps. … Read More

Moving Beyond Paralysis
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Sometimes, when I look at a new task or challenge, I feel paralyzed. Not sure of what to do, or afraid of what I know I should do, I hesitate and do nothing. I procrastinate. I put it off hoping … Read More

Real Valentine's Day Love – No shades of Gray
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Hey Friends, Check out this blog post by my friend, Pam Farrel

Live Your Praise
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  “The Word now lives in You.” I John 2:14   Equipped with my Bible, Journal and I-pad loaded with worship music, I headed into Barnes & Nobles looking to enjoy some quiet time with Jesus. But, as I roamed … Read More

Declare it – Believe it
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I have been studying the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50). You remember the story, Joseph was Daddy’s favorite and his sibs hated him because of the favoritism he enjoyed. Joseph had a couple of dreams which he foolishly shared with … Read More