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How To Center Your Life On Christ
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I’ve been meditating on Colossians 3:1-4 lately. It’s one of my favorites. In it, Paul instructs us to set our hearts and minds on Christ. In fact, Paul goes on to say that Christ is our life. What does that … Read More

3 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Kids (And Grandkids).
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Whether they are toddlers, teens, or adults, your kids need prayer. You may not have kids, but you might have nieces or nephews, or friends’ kids who desperately need prayer. Or you might have “spiritual children” that you have mentored. … Read More

When You Feel Overwhelmed or Fearful – Hold a Self-Management Meeting.
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I learned a long time ago the value of a good self-management meeting, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed or fearful. The only attendee (other than God) at my self-management meeting is me! In our times, there are lots of reasons … Read More

Bold Faith
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The story told in Mark about the friends bringing the paralyzed man to Jesus for healing is one of my favorites (Mark 2:1-12). In case you’re unfamiliar, some friends heard that Jesus was in town speaking in Capernaum. Rumors spoke … Read More

3 Secrets to Standing Firm in the Work God Has Done in Your Life
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I wonder if you’ve ever had an ah-ha moment with God and then wondered, “Did that really happen?” Or maybe God has done a miraculous work of healing in your life, and after a while you doubted, “Did God heal … Read More

Does Jesus Provoke Our Fears?
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Recently, I was reading the story found in Matthew’s gospel where the disciples leave Jesus to go ahead of Him across the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 14:22-33). The disciples head out across the dark lake while Jesus retreats for some … Read More

How To Fall More Deeply In Love with Jesus
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There are moments in my Christian walk when I feel intensely close to Jesus. I feel head over heals in love with Him. Then there are moments when I feel dry, like He’s distant—or maybe it’s me that’s distant. I … Read More

3 Amazing Sheep Facts and What That Has To Do With You!
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One thing I love about the teaching of Jesus is His use of metaphors and stories. In John 10, Jesus states that He is the Good Shepherd (John 10:10), and He compares us to sheep. As I’ve been thinking about … Read More

Reflections on the Lamb
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As I write this, Steve and I are finishing up a visit in California. We’re staying with some dear friends. Throughout their beautiful home, there are figures of lambs they’ve put out in preparation for Easter. Last night, as I … Read More