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Three Reasons to Persevere in Reading Your Bible
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Over the last week, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Psalm 119. Reading it through slowly, taking notes and simply meditating on the words of the Psalmist. As a result, I’ve been reminded to persevere in the … Read More

3 Reasons Not to Quit Praying
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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about Steve’s grandparents and the legacy they left our family. Missionaries with SIM they went to Nigeria in 1925 to a tribe still practicing cannibalism.   One day when Steve’s grandfather was on a … Read More

Where do you need to draw some boundaries?
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  Steve and I have just finished an amazing week of international meetings. The week was both exhilarating and exhausting. We loved spending time with people, hearing stories, opening the Word of God and praying together. I’m actually writing this … Read More

Don’t Take the Bait
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Three Reasons Why Gentleness is Important
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After this year’s bombastic election and subsequent snarky social media posts, I spent some time reflecting on who I want to be in light of my faith. I came to this conclusion, I don’t value sarcasm and snarky. I value … Read More

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 This morning I have a guest post from my good friend, Poppy Smith. At times in our lives, fear holds us back from doing the very things God has called us to do. In our self-doubt, we wonder, “Can I … Read More

Thoughts From Ghana
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I woke early this morning as the sun was just beginning its rise to the sounds of roosters. I lay in bed for moment savoring the sounds and thanking God. We’re in Africa, Ghana to be exact. We flew in … Read More

Why You Need Time to Rest in 2017
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    The Christmas decorations are down and tucked safely away for next year. The calendar has officially turned to 2017. A brand new year stretches out before us. The thought of new and fresh excites me. Happy New Year, … Read More